Did you know area rugs are woven in layers and that dirt collects and wears the rug’s fibers out when it’s not professionally cleaned regularly? As a result, our even precious Oriental rugs take more mistreatment than our carpets. It’s also why they don’t hold up over time like they are supposed to. Area rugs and Oriental rugs are subject to wear other carpets aren’t because of this.

Carpet Cleaner Ventura are your specialists for cleaning your precious rugs. Many homeowners and businesspeople try to hand clean area rugs as a DIY project. better left to Carpet Cleaner Ventura to make sure it’s done flawlessly. We can protect your cherished rugs.


Company comes over and from time to time and drinks or food are sometimes spilled on your area rugs. It happens to everyone. Many of us have pets that like to sleep on area rug no matter what we do. While we can’t train your pets, we can make your rugs pristine again.

You want to protect your rugs from spills, wear, and your pets. Area rugs are often handmade using unusual materials that are handle with care. When you clean them the colors can run on Oriental or area rugs using the incorrect cleaner. Common cleaners can break the fibers. Our pro Oriental and area rug cleaning gives your rug a deep cleaning throughout all the layers.

There is no trapped grime left to wear and fracture the rug fibers. If repairs need to happen, we’ll tell you and provide an estimate. Carpet Cleaning Ventura will guard your special heirlooms. That’s part of the difference using our service makes.

We use dedicated cleaning equipment and products that keep your Oriental looking eye-catching. In Ventura, there is no safer technique to get your area rugs clean. Call Carpet Cleaning Ventura.

If there are any pet urine stains, we guarantees results. You won’t pay a penny if your carpet isn’t perfect. Carpet Cleaner Ventura guarantees wants you as a customer.